Thursday, February 23, 2006


1985 Academy Award Nominee
Best Actress
"Lange makes herself a perfect physical extension of the vibrant, changeable, enormously expressive woman who can be heard on these recordings. Both skillful and credible, her performance is a triumph."
New York Times
"Jessica Lange keeps on astonishing. Her triumph as Patsy Cline is a stunner!"
“In Sweet Dreams, Jessica Lange plays the pop-and-country singer Patsy Cline with a raw physicality that's challenging and heroic. When Lange's Patsy slings her strong young body around she gives off a charge. Lange has real authority here, and the performance holds you emotionally."
New Yorker
"Nothing could be more breathtaking than what Jessica Lange does with, and as, Patsy Cline. Gaudy, gorgeous and raunchy, with a shiny face and a high giggle, she rips into the role like a prizefighter and never looks back, giving the most exuberant performance of her versatile career."
Rolling Stone
"A touching and entertaining performance, stricken with tragedy within and without"
"As Patsy Cline, Jessica Lange is sultry, nervy, delicate and altogether amazing."
"Lange pours herself into her role, she gained 20 pounds and dares to prance around unashamed in a collection of magnificantly tawdry cowboy costumes. She's learned her West Virginia dialect well enough to use in high style... Though often ribald, Lange translates an innocent force into Cline, with assorted growls, yelps and down home hyperbole, and exudes earnest, simple heartfelt desire."