Thursday, February 23, 2006


"Jessica Lange, as Liam Neeson's wife, has a fierce sense of drive and character."
Chicago Sun-Times
"Jessica Lange brings her usual presence and skill to the role."
Los Angeles Times
"Ms. Lange, who plays the sauciest mate in all Scotland, has real charisma here and some dazzling moments, displaying great dignity mixed with raw, barely contained emotion."
New York Times
"Lange, who plays the earthy, sexy wife, is a far more compelling character than Liam Neeson's Rob Roy, but as much as you want it to be, the film isn't about her. Still, Lange takes her role to the limit -- sometimes she's awkward, other times she's so passionate that she burns up the screen. She's the only real human - vulnerable, angry, resourceful - you remember."
San Francisco Chronicle
"Lange, who doesn't know how to be untruthful on screen, is perfectly believable and full of life."
San Francisco Examiner
"The romance belongs solidly to Jessica Lange. She brings a fresh, realistic, earthy quality to her character. Her clothing looks homemade, and her red hair blows wild in the wind. Even more strikingly, she is a female film character with more common sense than many of the headstrong men around her."
New York Observer