Thursday, February 23, 2006


"Jessica Lange is the best reason to see the movie...she is good-sized, muscular but rounded and with her short, curly blonde hair, a Japanese silk wrapper pulled tight and a lewd, spectacular smile, she's both sepharic and steamy."
New Yorker
"With this performance, Lange has passed from the status of minor curiosity as the heroine of Dino De Laurentis' King Kong to that of respected actress and, maybe, star."
"Lange, particularly, is a revelation as she suggests a '30s beauty unhobled by censorship."
The Village Voice
"Jessica Lange, however, shows that she might turn into an actress of some range. Her pale, thin-lipped beauty catches glimpses of the haunted, hungry Midwestern girl Cain had in mind..."
"Jessica Lange is physically present on screen in a way that few movie actresses have ever been--Anna Magnani and Sophia Loren and, perhaps in a different way, Marilyn Monroe...we can feel the suppressed rage and desire in her muscular neck and shoulders, and in the powerful curve of her back. One look at her and you know that this woman is no pushover. And from the way she cocks her head and narrows her eyes at Frank it's clear that there's not much in life that she hasn't seen before, particularly when it comes to men. In Postman, Lange makes no attempt to hold herself in physically, and her solidity on the screen is a kind of a challenge. It says, "Go ahead. Try to knock me over. Give it your best shot."
Boston Herald