Thursday, February 23, 2006


1989 Academy Award Nominee
Best Actress

"Intelligent, searching, womanly...Lange verges on the astounding. She is one of those star performers whose characters don't necessarily come on as stars. What counts instead is the Old World, New World texture that she brings to her character's toughness. Her beautiful throatiness counts. She has the will and the technique to take a role that's really no more than a function of melodrama and turn this movie into a cello concerto."
New Yorker
"Lange's performance is very good - as strong as her work in 'Frances'."
Chicago Sun-Times
"With her hair in no-nonsense curls, her drab businesswoman's clothes and a discreet cross around her neck, Jessica Lange is the picture of a working-class daughter. Ms. Lange comes as close to inventing a character out of thin air as any screen actor can, and with profuse energy and intelligence, she gives her best performance since 'Frances'."
New York Times
"There's tragedy in the hollow of Jessica Lange's huge eyes, and terror in her face, which is as pale as the winter sun. Lange moves through the spooky landscape with the haunted urgency of the movie's Gypsy violins. Her romance with the lens sustain [this film's] terrible poignancy and grant it a power beyond the elementary."
Washington Post