Thursday, February 23, 2006


"Nobody else in the movies is as skilled as Lange at expressing the tangle of emotions behind the silences and shy awkwardness of a character such as Beth. This is painful, moving material and Lange doesn't censor or tidy up Beth's imperfections or her impulse to crawl in a hole. She gives them to you straight, contradictions and all. Lange's performance is magnificent."
Washington Post
"Throughout, Lange turns herself into a mess. She looks frumpy, scowls, nags. She in fact creates such a complete character - a woman totally overwhelmed - that it almost doesn't matter what's happening on the periphery."
"With the exceptional ability to hold an audience's attention, Ms. Lange makes Beth a moving and sympathetic figure...poised and beautiful..."
New York Times
"[This] performance by Lange is altogether too good to be wasted."
Chicago Sun-Times
"Lange's performance is excellent. Absorbing, truthful and full of insight..."
Time Out London