Thursday, February 23, 2006


"Jessica Lange gives this film its dramatic focus. She is the motor of this movie. The moral center, too."
Entertainment Weekly
"Serious and affecting, Jessica Lange breathes real life into her character with a tone that is thoughtful and temperate."
New York Post
"Lange gives the film its core of haunting sadness. A knockout performance."
Los Angeles Times
"Jessica Lange gives the kind of performance for which an Oscar nomination is deserving."
Reel Views
"Ms. Lange - tough, solid and a little weary, hardened by all the insurmountable troubles she has seen - brings such believable anguish to this role, she makes her character's desires touchingly clear."
New York Times
"Jessica Lange explodes the sentimental homilies with the raw power of her performance."
"Jessica Lange's performance as a loving, struggling mother is nothing short of heroic."