Thursday, February 23, 2006


"Jessica Lange is amazing."
Ebert & Roeper
"Lange is strong yet vulnerable, and in one memorable scene, scorchingly radiant."
The Boston Herald
"Even-keeled through most of the film, Lange has one magnificently performed exchange with Shepard, the actress raging, pining, reproaching and wilting in the space of a single scene."
The Courier Post
"Lange uses irony and calculated coolness to disguise her rage at this selfish and cowardly man she once loved."
Hollywood Reporter
"Lange dependably comes through with a full-blooded turn."
Box Office Magazine
"Jessica Lange’s performance screams for an Oscar nomination. She is the perfect woman for her role, as you forget she is acting — her emotions are conveyed powerfully and you believe she feels the pains and the pleasures of her character."
MIT Tech