Thursday, February 23, 2006


"Jessica Lange [creates] a full life in miniature."
Rolling Stone
"Lange is very good as Carmen, whose conversion from lawyer to animal whisperer is - we glean from the sharp looks given him by her protective assistant - not the only change she has made."
New York Daily News
"Conversely, Jessica Lange suggests acres of pain and loss behind her lines, playing her role as someone who has been through the ringer and has worked on herself in some systematic way in order to overcome it."
San Francisco Chronicle
"It would be wrong of me to consider this a competition, but Lange wins it hands down with a brimming-over-with-life portrait of a confidently wacko animal psychic. In just a couple of scenes, Lange slyly suggests that this woman has secrets, and they are juicy, and she's not going to tell us any of 'em."
Pioneer Press
"...Carmen is played by the incomparable Jessica Lange, as a dreamy lawyer-turned-"animal communicator.” Though it’s funny to watch a man leaving her office tell his bunny rabbit that its comments were very brave, Lange’s Carmen is no joke: She’s the yuppies’ Jane Goodall. Lange imbues her character — who could easily have become a walking punchline — with such deep wells of intelligence and kindness that it’s revolting the actress isn’t beating away job offers with a stick."
The Journal Times
"Lange gives her earthiest performance in years, and her two main scenes really resonate throughout the movie."
Fox News
"Jessica Lange especially stands out of the four actresses, as the flaky, new-wavy "animal communicator" Carmen. Though Lange's appearance is brief, it is incredibly impressionable due to her great conviction and humor."
Silver Chord Online