Thursday, February 23, 2006


1994 Academy Award
Best Actress

"It is a lavish role for Ms. Lange, and she brings to it fierce emotions and tact...dazzling..."
The New York Times
"[Lange gives] a compelling and beautifully acted portrait..."
Los Angeles Times
"Lange [offers] a plush, platinum star turn. She is what Carly imagines she might have become if only she hadn't been a military wife: mostly Monroe with a soupcon of Bardot."
The Washington Post
"Lange is passionate and devastating."
Rolling Stone
"Lange, without romanticizing the character's destructive energy, makes us understand that Carly is right-that her life is stifling. This is a fierce, brave, sexually charged performance, one of the most convincing portrayals I've seen of someone whose behavior flirts with craziness without quite crossing into it.....It captures the mad grandeur..."
Entertainment Weekly
"...Lange's most brilliant screen work to date..."
"Lange has the showy role, with almost unlimited opportunities to emote and strut her stuff, which she does magnificently and with total abandon."